Using the LEED rating system allows contractors the option to earn “points” for taking environmentally-friendly actions during demolition and construction. LEED was launched in an effort to accelerate the development and implementation of green building practices. Contractors can earn LEED points not only in the disposal of concrete rubble but also through the use of recycled materials.

Big City Crushed Concrete provides contractors involved in a LEED project an excellent opportunity to acquire points by recycling concrete rubble while gaining points by using our high quality finished products produced through the crushing and recycling process.

Possible LEED Point Allocations

  • Construction and Waste Management (Materials and Resources Credit 2): 1-2 possible points
  • Recycled Content (Materials and Resources Credit 4): 1-2 possible points
  • Regional Materials (Materials and Resources Credit 5): 1-2 possible points
  • For further details of the LEED point allocation process please visit the USGBC Website @